American drama / mystery / thriller from 2012.
Jill lives a quiet life, yet one marked by a severe anxiety that the man who once threw her in a ditch to die was going to come back and finish the job. When her sister Molly goes missing, Jill heads to the police, but no one will listen to her, save for Detective Hood, who may or may not have his own reasons for lending a hand. As time to find her sister alive runs out, Jill becomes more frantic and resorts to desperate measures, putting the police on her trail as she tries to put an end to her nightmare once and for all.

Regi: Heitor Dhalia.
I rollerna: Amanda Seyfried (Jill), Daniel Sunjata (Powers), Jennifer Carpenter (Sharon Ames), Sebastian Stan (Billy), Wes Bentley (Peter Hood) m.fl.
Kategori: Drama / Thriller / Film

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